A Bonding Experience Will Improve Your Smile!

As an adult, do you ever look in the mirror and say, “I wish that was different…” A gap between your two front tooth? Discolored enamel? That old chip from when you fell as a kid? Well, fixing the flaw that catches your eye is a lot easier than you think!


Bonding is a common, relatively inexpensive way to correct dental issues like cracks or chips in tooth enamel. A composite resin can be applied to one or more teeth to close gaps, too. We can even lengthen teeth to create a more proportionate smile!

First, we use a shade guide to match the perfect color of composite for your teeth. Then, we edge and roughen the tooth to be repaired—this is painless and does not require anesthesia. Next, we apply a conditioning liquid to help the composite resin to stick. We apply the resin to the tooth and mold it into shape. A bright light activates the bonding process. We then carefully sculpt the tooth as the resin hardens, and finally polish the new tooth to a brilliant shine. Voila! Your new perfect smile is born!

Having a beautiful smile can change the way people see you…and the way you see yourself. Please contact us today to discuss whether bonding is right for you!


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