Building Confidence in Smiles

Meet Lee’s Summit Dentist

Steven R. Irwin

When I started college I really had no idea what I wanted to become. I knew I did not want to have just any job. My father expressed to me on many occasions that he was never truly satisfied with his job (which he had for 32 years.)

After getting my BS in Sociology because it was easy, there were no jobs that interested me in this field, so I stayed in dr irwin lees summit dentistschool and I got my MBA in business administration. This degree got me into the exciting field of sales. I sold paper, yellow page ads, and finally medical and dental equipment. As I called on doctors and dentists, I saw how these people really cared about their patients and made a difference in their lives. This was a profession where you could be your own boss and help people at the same time. After much consideration I decided to go into dentistry. I love working with my hands; creating beautiful teeth and smiles seemed like it would be a natural fit.

The rest is history. I went back to school to take all the Science hours I had avoided before I was accepted into UMKC Dental School in 1980. After graduating in 1984 and working with a great dentist, Dr Jim Elias, for 1 year, I then purchased my own practice in Grandview, Missouri in 1985. By 1989 I was ready to build my own building across the street and design it to be more patient friendly.

In 1989 I married my wife Susie, and she had an 8 year old daughter named Sarah. Then we had our 2nd daughter in 1990 and our third daughter in 1992. By the year 1999 we were very busy with school and soccer activities. We decided to move the office closer to home. I built two buildings in Lee’s Summit in 2001: one for my practice and one I rent to an orthodontist and an accountant. This was a great personal move for us, as I could now attend the girls’ school activities and sporting events. Professionally, the main objective was to build a state of the art dental facility with all the newest and safest equipment.

As for our own dental health, my family and I have our teeth cleaned 4 times a year and we floss our teeth on a regular basis. There has been a lot of research lately linking good oral health with a longer healthier life. We enjoy life and want to do our part to ensure it lasts!

I personally take care to make sure our office is a friendly, comfortable place for you and your family. We offer coffee, juice, water, flat screen TV, massage chair, video games…and all facets of dentistry, from the simplest restoration to full mouth cosmetic cases. It is my pleasure to serve Lee’s Summit–and you–as an experienced dentist who cares.