There’s an old expression that describes something difficult, painful and not very fun. You guessed it: “It was like pulling teeth!” Well, somebody coined that phrase  back in the days before modern technology made the process a whole lot easier. While it’s still not technically fun to have a tooth pulled, it’s not such a big deal anymore either.

In our office, tooth extraction solves a couple of dental problems so you can be a lot more comfortable in the long run. In the first scenario, you come to us in pain. In the other instance, we keep you from having pain in the future.

Easy Extraction of an Abscessed Tooth

dr irwin tooth extraction
When decay has reached so deeply into a tooth that fillings, inlays or crowns just won’t do, or when the bone around the tooth has suffered infection as well, we have to take the tooth out. By this time, usually the patient is more than happy to see it go! Toothaches hurt like nothing else, so we take care to numb the oral area well with a local anesthetic, remove the hurting tooth, assess the situation medically, and treat your wound appropriately. If you prefer, we can administer general anesthesia to make you more comfortable (unconscious), in which case a friend or family member will need to deliver you home after a brief recovery time in our office.

Easy Extraction of Impacted or Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes those very back teeth (the third row molars) do not have enough room in the mouth to come through properly. As they try to emerge between older molars and jawbone, they turn sideways or only erupt partially, leaving a flap of skin in the way that can hide food and cause major infections. To avoid this, often we recommend a preventative measure—full wisdom tooth extraction.

First, we put the patient all the way under sedation and make an incision in the gum to expose the tooth. If it is developed enough to pull simply, we do, but if it is still impacted deeply in the bone, we strategically break it into smaller pieces, then remove it. Afterward, we suture the wound, usually with dis solvable stitches that disappear on their own over time. We then place gauze between the bite to help staunch blood flow over the rest of the day. You will receive a set of instructions on how to take care of your extracted tooth.

In either case, the pain of having teeth removed goes away in about a week. Not having teeth pulled can lead to serious health issues, as infections in the mouth are breeding grounds for bacteria and chronic infections that take a toll on the entire body. Many studies have even linked periodontal problems with heart disease and strokes! Since extraction is no longer as difficult or painful as the old folks would have you believe, it is far better to come on in and let us take care of you like family. Call us today to make an appointment. We promise to be gentle!